Amy had an excellent day on our stretch of the Costilla. She released a beautiful 18" cutbow as the biggest.


The lower Costilla is fishing excellent. I went out the other day on our stretch of the river and caught some beautiful cutthroats and cutbows. They ranged between 14-18" I caught them on a size 14 pheasant tail bead head dropper.


The lower Costilla is fishing very good midmorning on bead head pheasant tail droppers, and mid afternoon there is an epic black ant hatch going on. They will hit any black ant patterns and parachute adams.


The fishing on the Red was excellent. Was using a dry dropper rig. Caught most of them on a pheasant tail bead head nymph.

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The Vallejos is in great pre runoff condition.

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Went to check out the Culebra today and it was a bit murky. I did catch one 16" brown on a wooley booger.

 Beginning in 2012, Aurelio is starting his own guide business. He will guide on Forest Service land, BLM land and private free stone streams for native and wild fish.
There will be a $50 discount on guide fees for those who lodge with us at Costilla Creek Fishing Lodge and Guide Service


We are starting to get some runoff on the Red and the Costilla. The private water we have in Colorado is looking good and fishing great. It should be good there for another month or so before it starts running off too.


Had a slow start on the El Poso due to cold water, but the fishing picked up later in the day. Bruce and I managed to catch some wild browns and cutbows in the 16" range. Should be better when the weather warms up.


The lower Costilla has been fishing the best it has in the last 8 years. Catching them on dries and droppers.

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Went to check out our water in Colorado and the flows are great right now.