9/9 and 9/10/017

Guided Amy on the El Poso and the Trujillo piece on the Costilla and the fishing was fantastic. She caught brookies, browns and cutthroats.

 Beginning in 2012, Aurelio is starting his own guide business. He will guide on Forest Service land, BLM land and private free stone streams for native and wild fish.
There will be a $50 discount on guide fees for those who lodge with us at Costilla Creek Fishing Lodge and Guide Service

Costilla Creek Fishing Lodge And Guide Service Fly Fishing in Northern New Mexico And Southern Colorado


Fished our stretch of the Costilla today and released 14 with an 18" cutthroat being the largest. Caught them all on dries, a black ant and a size 16 stimulator.


Amy had an exciting day with rattlesnakes and one big fish on the Culebra.


Aurelio guided Robert and Greg on our stretch of the Costilla and had a great day.


We want to thank James of the Taos Fly Shop for the great trip he took us on the Sam Juan. The next day we went on the Culebra and Amy caught the biggest fish she ever caught,


Amy having an excellent day on the Costilla catching cutthroat and cutbows. She ended up releasing 20 fish with a 22" cutbow. The fishing really turned on about 4pm. There were a lot of caddis and other bugs on the water.

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You do not have to wait until July 1 to catch beautiful cutthroats and cutbows on the lower Costilla. We have almost 3 miles of private water that you can access for a $50 rod fee.


Epic day on the Costilla by the lodge. Only released 10 but 3 were in the 16-18" range. Caught a couple on dries but the rest were on droppers.


Went to check a couple of spots on the lower Costilla by the lodge today and caught the biggest cutbow I ever caught--22"


The lower Costilla by the lodge is fishing excellent. I caught a lot of small Rio cutthroats in the 6-12" range in the skinny water. The bigger cutbows are still in the pools. I have heard the on the RCCLA upper Costilla  the fishing is good but you have to use long light tippits.