Aurelio Corso has been fly fishing for over 40 years. He moved here to northern New Mexico because he loves catching native Rio Grand cutts on short, light line fiberglass rods. 
He has been guiding for the past 6 years on the Rio Costilla and the smaller streams in the surrounding area exclusively, so he is very knowledgeable on the Comanche, the Ponil and Latir Creek. We are proud to offer fishing at a several new locations in Southern Colorado.We offer a $50 discount for fly fishing guide service for those who lodge with us. Costilla Creek Fishing Lodge and Guide Service for fly fishing in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.

Aurelio on the Red.

Dub's Rio Grande cutt.

Tim with a catch on our river.

Aurelio guiding Catherine on the Cuelebra.

Costilla Creek Fishing Lodge And Guide Service Fly Fishing in Northern New Mexico And Southern Colorado